About Us

Sarah Givens

Founder & Trainer

I am qualified through the National Dog Trainers Federation of Australia and have been working with animals for over 10 years. I have worked with and trained horses, rehabilitated foster dogs to find a loving home, trained assistance dogs for mental health and physical disabilities and of course, trained pet dogs. I was born in Canberra and have since lived in Wollongong New South Wales, south of Sydney for 3 years before moving to Springfield Lakes, Queensland in early 2017. I love training pet dogs as assistance and therapy dogs, but I especially enjoy helping dog owners to understand their dog while developing a special bond. Solving aggression and reactivity issues is fast becoming my specialty because it is one of the most common behavioral issues that I see and work with.

I love watching the look of joy on a owners face when they realize that their dog is capable of more then they realized. Breakthroughs in training and watching the dog and owner team succeed is one of the reasons I love teaching people to train dogs. When I am not training dogs I am usually bush walking or camping, going to the beach or 4WDing. I love being outdoors.

I have also recently been getting much more into the online world. Check out our social media tags below.

Hades – Wonder Dog

Hades is a 3yr old German Shepherd Dog. He is the first puppy that my partner Matthew and I got together in 2014. Hades has a tough job of helping me to rehabilitate reactive dogs, and to help teach the dogs that stay with us for Board and Train. Hades is a relaxed and quiet dog when he is working, but turns into a fun loving goof ball when it is time to play!