Board & Train Program

Our board and train options will transform your dog into a new, well behaved dog that you didn’t know existed! It takes out most of the time, effort and stress from your part, but for your dog it is a very intensive 2 weeks of Board and Train with me inside my home. I am able to teach your dog or puppy new habits and behaviour much more effectively than just working on the dogs behaviour throughout lessons within your home. All you have to do is continue with the foundation that I have set when your dog returns home. It is the most effective training option we offer.

We can address many problem behaviours that your dog is having through our board and train solution. We can teach your dog to:

  • Lay quietly on their bed or in their crate when they are inside the house
  • To walk on a loose lead beside you
  • To always come when called
  • To not jump up on your family or visitors
  • To always listen to you and do what you ask
  • To not bark/lunge at or pull towards other dogs or people

And more

While your dog stays with us, they are treated just like a VIP, just like our own dogs. Your dog will sleep inside the house wherever you prefer and they feel comfortable, be fed a very tasty, species appropriate diet (Big Dog BARF) with tasty extras like whole eggs and coconut oil, have daily walks, and of course, have as much training and mental stimulation as they could ever want!

We also make sure to send updates on how your beloved family member is doing regulary throughout their stay, so you can be rest assured that they are loving their time with us.

When our training is done and it is time for your dog to return home, we have a one hour long lesson with you to show you exactly how much we have achieved and how to continue their training. Your dog will also be sent home with a fully customized training plan and book to track their ongoing progress and practice.

A couple of weeks after your dog returns home, we will arrange another one hour long private lesson to make sure that everything is still going on the right track. We are also always contactable by phone or email if you have any questions or problems at any time, for the rest of your dogs life

Board and train is the ultimate solution for any result that you are after. To chat with us about how to book, you can contact us